How To Grow A YouTube Channel For Travel Vloggers In 2018 – 4 Tips

Hey, guys! I ‘m here to help travel vloggers to stand out on YouTube in 2018. The monetization policy changes should not be a source of demotivation. I would suggest every creator in the travel niche, especially for beginners, read the following lines:


Think outside of the box, your smartphone’s camera and Snapchat/Instagram stories might be your best assets to create a travel video! Create with limited resources. When you’re a beginner, the best takeaway is to master your skills and leverage it.


A video comes in 2 forms, visual and audio. Sometimes, your audience couldn’t hear you because of external factors like strong wind or crowded places etc. Consider investing a microphone or take care of your audio when editing. We want to hear you because you’re great! Your story could translate better with a good quality of audio!


This is so important. Provide more value to your audience with no hesitation. It is not just about showing the beautiful places or a day of your traveling. Give your audience a refreshing touch like telling them about the history of the area, interviewing local people, introduce a little more than just a ‘lifestyle’ and there’s more you can do.


Try different things to see how your audience react! If you’re good on growing an Instagram travel account, make a video about it. Other suggestions: How To Vlog when traveling etc. Experiment with different format, content, editing, remember to be diverse! Watch your audience, track down the retention, and analyze. Experiment to gain experience, and learn how to communicate with your audience.

Let’s connect with me on IG @mikewenjinsoo 🙂

Are you a video consumer? No worries, here’s the video! I have included KLCC footage 🙂


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