Instagram Algorithm Changes – 3 Tips (February 2018)

Recently, there are rumors that Instagram will change again, secretly without notifying us – the consumers. In my opinion, it is nothing new or surprising. Changes are always needed to leverage the app and I urge everyone don’t be romantic over the changes. Even when there’s just 10% of your audience able to see your posts, it doesn’t change the facts if you are doing just fine right now. My takes on the drop in reach, impression and the overall engagement:


Your contents are as the same as before, they are either amazing or the opposite. It is quite objected to saying that if you consistently put great contents on your feed and stories, you are safe. You don’t have to worry about no one will ‘see’ your contents. The algorithm will decide what content to show to your followers or even non-followers based on their activities. It won’t take anything away from you unless you give up so easily. Stop blaming the platform.


If your contents are able to attract your targeted audience, you are still keeping the record. You lose nothing but maintains the qualities of your consumer base. You need to grow a community that will support not just a single post but tend to respond to your stories, questions or even provide valuable opinions or constructive criticism. If you are a YouTuber, your intention is to build a brand, ask suggestions and drive traffic back to your channel. Remember to provide massive values in every story and regular content. There’s literally no shortcut to success. Value lied to entertainment, education, and motivation always work better.


Knowing you are not purposely violating the T&C of Instagram. Follow the rules set by Instagram and use all the features on Instagram. Engage and follow people per your interest and it is just like a normal habit. Share your thoughts on Stories, connect through DM, it all bounds down to how much value you are capable to share with your community. Some people are worried about getting banned by using engagement pods, it all lies in how you are using it. If you use it for the sake of connecting and communicating, that’s totally Instagram friendly.


By doing all these good practices, you lose nothing, but slowly building up the momentum as a good user on Instagram. Remember, Instagram will reward you if you’re doing everything right. It means that you should NOT be afraid of losing the numbers you already owned. I have noticed many times that a 2K account can be a dead space with zero interaction, or even a 5K account. Numbers matter when you niched down to find your true consumer base. Those mini figures will keep you going. So, let’s crush Instagram in 2018!

Hold up! Are you a video consumer? Watch this YouTube video than. I also included some Chinese New Year scenes. 🙂

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