How I Define Success In Life Has Nothing To Do With How Great I Am, But How Happy I Am

My 6 months journey as a YouTube creator is full of up and low, there’s plenty of occasions that I failed to convince myself, lied to myself, but this is where I learned my mistakes and elevate from it. Positivity comes easier when you stay true to yourself and to people that are giving you the needed supports.

I usually sing for fun, but I sing to motivate you today. I choose this song ‘Can’t Take That Away’ from Mariah Carey because the lyrics are so beautiful and relatable to people who are struggling to find themselves or constantly being brought down by others.

To me, it is a matter of being happy or being wealthy or having both. But come on! Life isn’t perfect. So I would rather go for happiness, first. I’m proud of what I am doing right now. There’s no right or wrong, there’s just getting my nerve but having a real taste of being mentally challenged is a good practice to get bigger in life.

Find a balance, be motivated and passionate towards your goals, and run the race!