Hello, Dope community! If you ever watched my videos on YouTube, I believe you know my name already, yeah I’m Mike The Dope Toast. So what exactly is Mike The Dope Toast? Aha!

It all started when I begin playing Snapchat. If you were part of the Snapchat community in 2016, the toast filter is one of the most popular filters the social media app has ever invented. Oh yeah! I love the filter too and use it on a daily basis until it bounds out for good, but sadly it is no longer exist. I miss you toastie!

My friends are aware of my obsession towards ‘toastie’ and this is where I started to adopt the Toast as sort of like an identity. For the term, dope, it can be classified as either cool or dumb, like two different extreme personalities. I’m not saying I have any dissociative identity disorder, though. Instead, like on my YouTube Channel, I show you I can be serious talking how to build your following, how to deal with bad social media experience, talking about starting business from scratch and life etc. yet I can go all the way out, be a wacky parody guy, sing ‘You know me, I am Mike The Dope Toast, Dope Toast yeah…’ All these are every day Mike, that’s me! Sounds narcissistic ops!

In 2016, I went to London for Interior Design studies. In summer 2017, I graduated and earned a bachelor degree. Interior Design is such a good course that provided me a lot of opportunities, I had the chance to travel to many sides of London, attended seminars and exhibition, met different people in the industry etc. It was all wonderful but making videos has always been a dream of mine, and I am glad that I am able to jump into this straight after graduation.

I hope you will find useful information on my blogs. Keep in touch with me. 🙂