How I Define Success In Life Has Nothing To Do With How Great I Am, But How Happy I Am

My 6 months journey as a YouTube creator is full of up and low, there’s plenty of occasions that I failed to convince myself, lied to myself, but this is where I learned my mistakes and elevate from it. Positivity comes easier when you stay true to yourself and to people that are giving you the needed supports.

I usually sing for fun, but I sing to motivate you today. I choose this song ‘Can’t Take That Away’ from Mariah Carey because the lyrics are so beautiful and relatable to people who are struggling to find themselves or constantly being brought down by others.

To me, it is a matter of being happy or being wealthy or having both. But come on! Life isn’t perfect. So I would rather go for happiness, first. I’m proud of what I am doing right now. There’s no right or wrong, there’s just getting my nerve but having a real taste of being mentally challenged is a good practice to get bigger in life.

Find a balance, be motivated and passionate towards your goals, and run the race!


Having A Break Makes Me Lazy… So I Stop Procrastinating With These 4 Tips!

I totally understand the importance of taking a good break after being so dedicated to your career or a year-long of daily tasks. However, you could be uninspired to back on track after taking a break, either a short one or a long one. You might be wondering what went wrong? Why I am not productive at all? This scenario could literally happen to everyone, especially during the Chinese New Year or Christmas seasons. Festivity is meant to celebrate your hard work, treasure your time with family members and friends that barely met for a year, it is a season of joy and give back. But our uncontrolled behaviors could turn into a tentative situation when we go back to the reality.

Sometimes, having a break makes me uninspired to back on routine and to be the best in terms of productivity. I made the wrong choices in life and procrastinated a lot, I mean a lot where I could have doubled down my content creation with those spare time. Said that I tend to complete every task on time and always believe that it helps to stop procrastinating, but I was wrong. The more condensed my working pattern, the more I lose my cool. In juxtapose to the main title, having a good break will eventually help you to be more productive and get back to your place as soon as possible, with the help of the following tips.

First, ask yourself. Have you set goals for both short term and long term? Let me explain to you. A short-term goal is a micro-task that you could complete within a given time. While the long-term goal is a macro vision that leveraged from the short ones. For instance, you set yourself to finish the leftover on the first day of your return to work and put a checkmark in your paper note once it is done. The more micro-tasks you are capable of handling, the nearer you would reach your macro vision. The long-term goal should be correlated with the short ones. Said that your goals are your journey to success, not an outcome. You might be thinking to be a 7 figures entrepreneur is your final vision, but it should be the influence you built into society, the value you provided to people or the financial legacy you left under your name, that makes you a successful entrepreneur.

You have to chill at the right time. If you are given a 7 days break during Chinese New Year, how would you spend your days? My answer is as much as you can because you deserve having a good break without stressing on your normal 9-5 job or any leftover. However, keep in mind that you should not spend your time on meaningless things. If you want to meet up with old friends or reminisce with old family members, go for it! Having a good conversation helps to elevate your mood and strengthen your bond with each other. I would also read some success stories and binge-watching good informative contents that enlighten myself in terms of personal and professional development. Just make sure you are a work-life balance, this helps you to always come back with better self.

Embrace yourself and take good care of your health. You would have to pay the price for neglecting your own health. It is a serious issue among this generation that we tend to be either excessively productive or excessively unproductive in life. I would always suggest having a healthy mindset beforehand. You need to ride on the game, not in the game. Having a nutritious diet is my key to maintain my energy to stay up late when I have to complete my task. It helps to minimize the risks of having a poor sleeping routine but it is always encouraged to practice good sleep whenever you can. You need to provide yourself at least a few options to stay healthy in both physical and mental condition. Totally understand your priorities and set yourself free from the overpacked schedule.

Bear in mind that it is your responsibility to achieve everything you want in life. Nobody can do these for you unless you give them the priority to access your life. I would work on the micro and macro interchangeably because of I aware the importance of coexistence of these two. I would set myself with the right activities at the right time, means to have a break between one task to the another, recharge myself, power up and run the race again. Guys, be responsible for yourself! Stop procrastinating, stop complaining, adjust your mindset and live the life where you could dominate with confidence, and don’t forget to reinforce yourself in healthy ways. Success will always be with you when you are doing right.

Wishing Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese readers and make sure to catch me up on Instagram @mikewenjinsoo 🙂